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Truth Hardware Color Chart   

CB1050 - Channel Balances

Color Index
040 Natural Aluminum
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CB1050 - Channel Balances

CB1050-17C-7066&5400 - Sash Balance 17c           -EA$*Call
CB1050-17C/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 17c           -EA$*Call
CB1050-22C/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 22c           -EA$*Call
CB1050-22D/7066&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-24C/7003-040 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-24D/7003&2799 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-24EW/7003 - Sash Balance 24e               -EA$*Call
CB1050-24EW/7066 - Sash Balance 24e               -EA$*Call
CB1050-25E/72452-040 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-25F/7003-040 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-26B/522-040 - Sash Balance 26b             -EA$*Call
CB1050-26B/7003&535 - Sash Balance 26b            -EA$*Call
CB1050-26B/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 26b           -EA$*Call
CB1050-26C/7003&2799 - Sash Balance 26c           -EA$*Call
CB1050-26C/7003&5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-26C/7066&522 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-26D-7003&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-26D/7003&2799 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-27B/7003&522 - Sash Balance 27b            -EA$*Call
CB1050-27B/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 27b           -EA$*Call
CB1050-27B/7003-040 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-27C/7003&522 - Sash Balance 27c            -EA$*Call
CB1050-27C/7003&535 - Sash Balance 27c 7003&535   -EA$*Call
CB1050-27C/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 27c           -EA$*Call
CB1050-27C/7008&535 - Sash Balance 27c            -EA$*Call
CB1050-27D/7003&522 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-27E/7006&5400 - Sash Balance 27e           -EA$*Call
CB1050-27G/7003&522 - Sash Balance 27g            -EA$*Call
CB1050-2799-CLIP - Balance Clip                   -EA$0.61
CB1050-28B/7003&535 - Sash Balance 28b            -EA$*Call
CB1050-28B/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 28b           -EA$*Call
CB1050-28B/7066&5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-28C-7066&522 - Sash Balance 28c            -EA$*Call
CB1050-28C-7066&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-28C/7003&522 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-28C/7003&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-28C/7003/5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-28C/7066/5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-28D/7003&535 - Sash Balance 28d            -EA$*Call
CB1050-28D/7003-040 - Sash Balance 28d            -EA$*Call
CB1050-28E-7003&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-29B/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 29b           -EA$*Call
CB1050-29B/7066&5400 - Sash Balance 29b           -EA$*Call
CB1050-30A/7066-040 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-30B-7003&5400 - Sash Balance 30b           -EA$*Call
CB1050-30B-7066-040 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-30C-7003&535 - Sash Balance 30c            -EA$*Call
CB1050-30C-7003-040 - Sash Balance 30c            -EA$*Call
CB1050-30C/7066&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-30C/7066&5400 - Sash Balance 30c           -EA$*Call
CB1050-32B/7003&522 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-32C/7003&522 - Sash Balance 32c            -EA$*Call
CB1050-32DW/7003 - Sash Balance 32d               -EA$*Call
CB1050-32E-7003&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-33B/7003&522 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-33C/7003&522 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-33C/7003&535 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-33C/7003&5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-33D/7003&522 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB1050-33D/7008-040 - Sash Balance 33d            -EA$*Call
CB1050-34B-7003&535 - Sash Balance 34b            -EA$*Call
CB1050-34B-7003&5400 - Sash Balance 34b           -EA$*Call
CB1050-34C-7003&535 - Sash Balance 34c            -EA$*Call
CB1050-34C-7066&2799 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-34C/7003&5400 - Sash Balance 34c           -EA$*Call
CB1050-34D-7003&5400 - Sash Balance 34d           -EA$*Call
CB1050-34E/7003-040 - Sash Balance 34e            -EA$*Call
CB1050-35E/7003-040 - Sash Balance 35e            -EA$*Call
CB1050-36B-7003&5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-36C-7066&5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-36D/7003&5400 - Sash Balance               -EA$*Call
CB1050-70700-058 - Drop-in T-lock                 -EA$*Call
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Truth Hardware Color Chart   


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