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Truth Hardware Color Chart   

CB3 - Channel Balances

Color Index
040 Natural Aluminum
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CB3 - Channel Balances

CB3001-040 - Sash Balance 13a                     -EA$*Call
CB3002-040 - Sash Balance 13b                     -EA$*Call
CB3003-040 - Sash Balance 14a                     -EA$*Call
CB3004-040 - Sash Balance 14b                     -EA$*Call
CB3005-040 - Sash Balance 15a                     -EA$*Call
CB3006-040 - Sash Balance 15b                     -EA$*Call
CB3007-040 - Sash Balance 16a                     -EA$*Call
CB3008-040 - Sash Balance 16b                     -EA$*Call
CB3009-040 - Sash Balance 17a                     -EA$*Call
CB3010-17C-040 - Sash Balance 17c                 -EA$*Call
CB3011-040 - Sash Balance 18a                     -EA$*Call
CB3012-040 - Sash Balance 18b                     -EA$*Call
CB3013-040 - Sash Balance 19a                     -EA$*Call
CB3014-040 - Sash Balance 19b                     -EA$*Call
CB3015-040 - Sash Balance 20a                     -EA$*Call
CB3016-040 - Sash Balance 20b                     -EA$*Call
CB3016-20C-040 - Sash Balance 20c                 -EA$*Call
CB3017-040 - Sash Balance 21a                     -EA$*Call
CB3018-040 - Sash Balance 21b                     -EA$*Call
CB3019-040 - Sash Balance 21c                     -EA$*Call
CB3019-21D-040 - Sash Balance 21d                 -EA$*Call
CB3020-040 - Sash Balance 22a                     -EA$*Call
CB3021-040 - Sash Balance 22b                     -EA$*Call
CB3022-040 - Sash Balance 22c                     -EA$*Call
CB3023-040 - Sash Balance 23a                     -EA$*Call
CB3024-040 - Sash Balance 23b                     -EA$*Call
CB3025-23C-040 - Sash Balance 23c                 -EA$*Call
CB3025-23D-040 - Sash Balance 23d                 -EA$*Call
CB3027-040 - Sash Balance 24b                     -EA$*Call
CB3028-040 - Sash Balance 24c                     -EA$7.33
CB3028-24F-040 - Sash Balance 24f                 -EA$*Call
CB3029-040 - Sash Balance 25a                     -EA$*Call
CB3030-040 - Sash Balance 25b                     -EA$*Call
CB3030-25E-040 - Sash Balance 25e                 -EA$*Call
CB3032-040 - Sash Balance 26a                     -EA$*Call
CB3034-040 - Sash Balance 26c                     -EA$*Call
CB3034-26D-040 - Sash Balance 26d                 -EA$*Call
CB3035-040 - Sash Balance 27a                     -EA$*Call
CB3036-040 - Sash Balance 27b                     -EA$*Call
CB3037-040 - Sash Balance 27c                     -EA$*Call
CB3037-27D-040 - Sash Balance 27d                 -EA$*Call
CB3038-040 - Sash Balance 28a                     -EA$*Call
CB3039-040 - Sash Balance 28b                     -EA$*Call
CB3040-040 - Sash Balance 28c                     -EA$*Call
CB3040-28D-040 - Sash Balance 28d                 -EA$*Call
CB3042-040 - Sash Balance 29b                     -EA$*Call
CB3043-040 - Sash Balance 29c                     -EA$*Call
CB3043-29D-040 - Sash Balance 29d                 -EA$7.82
CB3044-040 - Sash Balance 30a                     -EA$*Call
CB3045-040 - Sash Balance 30b                     -EA$*Call
CB3046-040 - Sash Balance 30c                     -EA$9.04
CB3047-040 - Sash Balance 31a                     -EA$*Call
CB3049-040 - Sash Balance 31c                     -EA$*Call
CB3049-31E-040 - Sash Balance 31e                 -EA$*Call
CB3050-040 - Sash Balance 32a                     -EA$*Call
CB3051-040 - Sash Balance 32b                     -EA$*Call
CB3052-040 - Sash Balance 32c                     -EA$*Call
CB3052-32E-040 - Sash Balance 32e                 -EA$*Call
CB3053-040 - Sash Balance 33a                     -EA$*Call
CB3054-040 - Sash Balance 33b                     -EA$*Call
CB3055-040 - Sash Balance 33c                     -EA$*Call
CB3055-33D-040 - Sash Balance 33d                 -EA$*Call
CB3056-040 - Sash Balance 34a                     -EA$*Call
CB3057-040 - Sash Balance 34b                     -EA$*Call
CB3058-040 - Sash Balance 34c                     -EA$*Call
CB3059-040 - Sash Balance 35a                     -EA$*Call
CB3060-040 - Sash Balance 35b                     -EA$*Call
CB3061-040 - Sash Balance 35c                     -EA$*Call
CB3062-040 - Sash Balance 36a                     -EA$*Call
CB3063-040 - Sash Balance 36b                     -EA$*Call
CB3064-040 - Sash Balance 36c                     -EA$*Call
CB3064-36D-040 - Sash Balance 36d                 -EA$*Call
CB3064-36E-040 - Sash Balance 36e                 -EA$*Call
CB3065-040 - Sash Balance 37a                     -EA$*Call
CB3066-040 - Sash Balance 37b                     -EA$*Call
CB3067-040 - Sash Balance 37c                     -EA$*Call
CB3067-37D-040 - Sash Balance 37d                 -EA$*Call
CB3067-37E-040 - Sash Balance 37e                 -EA$*Call
CB3068-040 - Sash Balance 38a                     -EA$*Call
CB3069-040 - Sash Balance 38b                     -EA$*Call
CB3070-040 - Sash Balance 38c                     -EA$*Call
CB3070-38D-040 - Sash Balance 38d                 -EA$*Call
CB3071-040 - Sash Balance 39a                     -EA$*Call
CB3072-040 - Sash Balance 39b                     -EA$*Call
CB3074-040 - Sash Balance 40a                     -EA$*Call
CB3075-040 - Sash Balance 40b                     -EA$*Call
CB3076-040 - Sash Balance 40c                     -EA$*Call
CB3077-040 - Sash Balance 41a                     -EA$*Call
CB3079-040 - Sash Balance 41c                     -EA$*Call
CB3079-41D-040 - Sash Balance 41d                 -EA$*Call
CB3080-040 - Sash Balance 42a                     -EA$*Call
CB3081-040 - Sash Balance 42b                     -EA$*Call
CB3082-040 - Sash Balance 42c                     -EA$*Call
CB3083-040 - Sash Balance 43a                     -EA$*Call
CB3084-040 - Sash Balance 43b                     -EA$*Call
CB3085-040 - Sash Balance 43c                     -EA$*Call
CB3086-040 - Sash Balance 44a                     -EA$*Call
CB3087-040 - Sash Balance 44b                     -EA$*Call
CB3088-040 - Sash Balance 44c                     -EA$*Call
CB3089-040 - Sash Balance 45a                     -EA$*Call
CB3090-040 - Sash Balance 45b                     -EA$*Call
CB3092-040 - Sash Balance 46a                     -EA$*Call
CB3094-040 - Sash Balance 46c                     -EA$*Call
CB3095-040 - Sash Balance 47a                     -EA$*Call
CB3096-040 - Sash Balance 47b                     -EA$*Call
CB3097-040 - Sash Balance 47c                     -EA$*Call
CB3098-040 - Sash Balance 48a                     -EA$*Call
CB3099-040 - Sash Balance 48b                     -EA$*Call
CB3100-040 - Sash Balance 48c                     -EA$*Call
CB3101-040 - Sash Balance 49a                     -EA$*Call
CB3102-040 - Sash Balance 49b                     -EA$*Call
CB3103-040 - Sash Balance 49c                     -EA$*Call
CB3104-040 - Sash Balance 50a                     -EA$*Call
CB3105-040 - Sash Balance 50b                     -EA$*Call
CB3106-040 - Sash Balance 50c                     -EA$*Call
CB3107-040 - Sash Balance 51a                     -EA$*Call
CB3108-040 - Sash Balance 51b                     -EA$*Call
CB3109-040 - Sash Balance 51c                     -EA$*Call
CB3110-040 - Sash Balance 52a                     -EA$*Call
CB3111-040 - Sash Balance 52b                     -EA$*Call
CB3112-040 - Sash Balance 52c                     -EA$*Call
CB3113-040 - Sash Balance 53a                     -EA$*Call
CB3114-040 - Sash Balance 53b                     -EA$*Call
CB3115-040 - Sash Balance 53c                     -EA$*Call
CB3116-040 - Sash Balance 54a                     -EA$*Call
CB3117-040 - Sash Balance 54b                     -EA$*Call
CB3118-040 - Sash Balance 54c                     -EA$*Call
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Truth Hardware Color Chart   


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