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Truth Hardware Color Chart   

CB5 - Channel Balances

Color Index
040 Natural Aluminum
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CB5 - Channel Balances

CB5000-10A-040 - Sash Balance 10a                 -EA$*Call
CB5000-10B-040 - Sash Balance 10b                 -EA$*Call
CB5000-8A-040 - Sash Balance 8a                   -EA$*Call
CB5000-8B-040 - Sash Balance 8b                   -EA$*Call
CB5001-13A-040 - Sash Balance 13a                 -EA$*Call
CB5002-13D-040 - Sash Balance 13d                 -EA$*Call
CB5003-14A-040 - Sash Balance 14a                 -EA$*Call
CB5004-14B-040 - Sash Balance 14b                 -EA$*Call
CB5005-15A-040 - Sash Balance 15a                 -EA$*Call
CB5006-15B-040 - Sash Balance 15b                 -EA$*Call
CB5006-15D-040 - Sash Balance 15d                 -EA$*Call
CB5007-16A-040 - Sash Balance 16a                 -EA$*Call
CB5008-16B-040 - Sash Balance 16b                 -EA$*Call
CB5008-16C-040 - Sash Balance 16c                 -EA$*Call
CB5009-17A-040 - Sash Balance 17a                 -EA$*Call
CB5010-17D-040 - Sash Balance 17d                 -EA$*Call
CB5012-18B-040 - Sash Balance 18b                 -EA$*Call
CB5013-19A-040 - Sash Balance 19a                 -EA$*Call
CB5014-19B-040 - Sash Balance 19b                 -EA$*Call
CB5014-19C-040 - Sash Balance 19c                 -EA$*Call
CB5014-19D-040 - Sash Balance 19d                 -EA$*Call
CB5015-20A-040 - Sash Balance 20a                 -EA$*Call
CB5016-20B-040 - Sash Balance 20b                 -EA$*Call
CB5016-20C-040 - Sash Balance 20c                 -EA$*Call
CB5016-20D-040 - Sash Balance 20d                 -EA$*Call
CB5017-21A-040 - Sash Balance 21a                 -EA$*Call
CB5018-21B-040 - Sash Balance 21b                 -EA$7.74
CB5019-21C-040 - Sash Balance 21c                 -EA$*Call
CB5019-21D-040 - Sash Balance 21d                 -EA$*Call
CB5020-22A-040 - Sash Balance 22a                 -EA$*Call
CB5021-22B-040 - Sash Balance 22b                 -EA$*Call
CB5022-22C-040 - Sash Balance 22c                 -EA$*Call
CB5022-22D-040 - Sash Balance 22d                 -EA$*Call
CB5023-23A-040 - Sash Balance 23a                 -EA$*Call
CB5024-23B-040 - Sash Balance 23b                 -EA$*Call
CB5025-23C-040 - Sash Balance 23c                 -EA$*Call
CB5025-23D-040 - Sash Balance 23d                 -EA$*Call
CB5025-23H-040 - Sash Balance 23h                 -EA$*Call
CB5026-24A-040 - Sash Balance 24a                 -EA$*Call
CB5027-24B-040 - Sash Balance 24b                 -EA$*Call
CB5028-24C-040 - Sash Balance 24c                 -EA$*Call
CB5028-24D-040 - Sash Balance 24d                 -EA$*Call
CB5029-25A-040 - Sash Balance 25a                 -EA$*Call
CB5030-25B-040 - Sash Balance 25b                 -EA$*Call
CB5031-25C-040 - Sash Balance 25c                 -EA$*Call
CB5031-25D-040 - Sash Balance 25d                 -EA$*Call
CB5032-26A-040 - Sash Balance 26a                 -EA$*Call
CB5033-26B-040 - Sash Balance 26b                 -EA$*Call
CB5034-26C-040 - Sash Balance 26c                 -EA$*Call
CB5034-26D-040 - Sash Balance 26d                 -EA$*Call
CB5035-27A-040 - Sash Balance 27a                 -EA$*Call
CB5036-27B-040 - Sash Balance 27b                 -EA$*Call
CB5037-27C-040 - Sash Balance 27c                 -EA$10.91
CB5037-27E-040 - Sash Balance 27e                 -EA$*Call
CB5038-28A-040 - Sash Balance 28a                 -EA$*Call
CB5039-28B-040 - Sash Balance 28b                 -EA$*Call
CB5040-28C-040 - Sash Balance 28c                 -EA$*Call
CB5040-28D-040 - Sash Balance 28d                 -EA$*Call
CB5040-28F-040 - Sash Balance 28f                 -EA$*Call
CB5041-29A-040 - Sash Balance 29a                 -EA$*Call
CB5042-29B-040 - Sash Balance 29b                 -EA$*Call
CB5043-29C-040 - Sash Balance 29c                 -EA$*Call
CB5043-29D-040 - Sash Balance 29d                 -EA$*Call
CB5044-30A-040 - Sash Balance 30a                 -EA$*Call
CB5045-30B-040 - Sash Balance 30b                 -EA$*Call
CB5046-30C-040 - Sash Balance 30c                 -EA$*Call
CB5047-31A-040 - Sash Balance 31a                 -EA$*Call
CB5048-31B-040 - Sash Balance 31b                 -EA$*Call
CB5049-31C-040 - Sash Balance 31c                 -EA$*Call
CB5049-31D-040 - Sash Balance 31d                 -EA$*Call
CB5050-32A-040 - Sash Balance 32a                 -EA$*Call
CB5051-32B-040 - Sash Balance 32b                 -EA$*Call
CB5052-32C-040 - Sash Balance 32c                 -EA$*Call
CB5052-32D-040 - Sash Balance 32d                 -EA$*Call
CB5053-33A-040 - Sash Balance 33a                 -EA$*Call
CB5054-33B-040 - Sash Balance 33b                 -EA$*Call
CB5055-33C-040 - Sash Balance 33c                 -EA$*Call
CB5055-33D-040 - Sash Balance 33d                 -EA$*Call
CB5056-34A-040 - Sash Balance 34a                 -EA$*Call
CB5057-34B-040 - Sash Balance 34b                 -EA$*Call
CB5058-34C-040 - Sash Balance 34c                 -EA$*Call
CB5058-34D-040 - Sash Balance 34d                 -EA$*Call
CB5059-35A-040 - Sash Balance 35a                 -EA$*Call
CB5060-35B-040 - Sash Balance 35b                 -EA$*Call
CB5060-35C-067 - Sash Balance,white               -EA$*Call
CB5061-35D-040 - Sash Balance 35d                 -EA$*Call
CB5062-36A-040 - Sash Balance 36a                 -EA$*Call
CB5064-36C-040 - Sash Balance 36c                 -EA$*Call
CB5064-36D-040 - Sash Balance 36d                 -EA$*Call
CB5064-36F-040 - Sash Balance 36f                 -EA$*Call
CB5065-37A-040 - Sash Balance 37a                 -EA$*Call
CB5066-37B-040 - Sash Balance 37b                 -EA$*Call
CB5067-37C-040 - Sash Balance 37c                 -EA$*Call
CB5067-37D-040 - Sash Balance 37d                 -EA$*Call
CB5067-37E-040 - Sash Balance 37e                 -EA$*Call
CB5067-37F-040 - Sash Balance 37f                 -EA$*Call
CB5068-38A-040 - Sash Balance 38a                 -EA$*Call
CB5069-38B-040 - Sash Balance 38b                 -EA$*Call
CB5070-38C-040 - Sash Balance 38c                 -EA$*Call
CB5070-38E-040 - Sash Balance 38e                 -EA$*Call
CB5070-38G-040 - Sash Balance 38g                 -EA$*Call
CB5071-39A-040 - Sash Balance 39a                 -EA$*Call
CB5072-39B-040 - Sash Balance 39b                 -EA$*Call
CB5073-39C-040 - Sash Balance 39c                 -EA$*Call
CB5073-39D-040 - Sash Balance 39d                 -EA$*Call
CB5075-40B-040 - Sash Balance 40b                 -EA$*Call
CB5076-40C-040 - Sash Balance 40c                 -EA$*Call
CB5077-41A-040 - Sash Balance 41a                 -EA$*Call
CB5078-41B-040 - Sash Balance 41b                 -EA$*Call
CB5079-41C-040 - Sash Balance 41c                 -EA$*Call
CB5079-41D-040 - Sash Balance 41d                 -EA$*Call
CB5080-42A-040 - Sash Balance 42a                 -EA$*Call
CB5081-42B-040 - Sash Balance 42b                 -EA$*Call
CB5082-42C-040 - Sash Balance 42c                 -EA$*Call
CB5083-43A-040 - Sash Balance 43a                 -EA$*Call
CB5084-43B-040 - Sash Balance 43b                 -EA$*Call
CB5085-43C-040 - Sash Balance 43c                 -EA$*Call
CB5086-44A-040 - Sash Balance 44a                 -EA$*Call
CB5087-44B-040 - Sash Balance 44b                 -EA$*Call
CB5088-44C-040 - Sash Balance 44c                 -EA$*Call
CB5089-45A-040 - Sash Balance 45a                 -EA$*Call
CB5090-45B-040 - Sash Balance 45b                 -EA$*Call
CB5091-45C-040 - Sash Balance 45c                 -EA$*Call
CB5092-46A-040 - Sash Balance 46a                 -EA$*Call
CB5093-46B-040 - Sash Balance 46b                 -EA$*Call
CB5094-46C-040 - Sash Balance 46c                 -EA$*Call
CB5095-47A-040 - Sash Balance 47a                 -EA$*Call
CB5096-47B-040 - Sash Balance 47b                 -EA$*Call
CB5097-47C-040 - Sash Balance 47c                 -EA$*Call
CB5098-48A-040 - Sash Balance 48a                 -EA$*Call
CB5099-48B-040 - Sash Balance 48b                 -EA$*Call
CB5100-48C-040 - Sash Balance 48c                 -EA$*Call
CB5101-49A-040 - Sash Balance 49a                 -EA$*Call
CB5102-49B-040 - Sash Balance 49b                 -EA$*Call
CB5103-49C-040 - Sash Balance 49c                 -EA$*Call
CB5104-50A-040 - Sash Balance 50a                 -EA$*Call
CB5105-50B-040 - Sash Balance 50b                 -EA$*Call
CB5106-50C-040 - Sash Balance 50c                 -EA$*Call
CB5107-51A-040 - Sash Balance 51a                 -EA$*Call
CB5108-51B-040 - Sash Balance 51b                 -EA$*Call
CB5109-51C-040 - Sash Balance 51c                 -EA$*Call
CB5110-52A-040 - Sash Balance 52a                 -EA$*Call
CB5111-52B-040 - Sash Balance 52b                 -EA$*Call
CB5112-52C-040 - Sash Balance 52c                 -EA$*Call
CB5112-52D-040 - Sash Balance 52d                 -EA$*Call
CB5113-53A-040 - Sash Balance 53a                 -EA$*Call
CB5114-53B-040 - Sash Balance 53b                 -EA$*Call
CB5115-53C-040 - Sash Balance 53c                 -EA$*Call
CB5116-54A-040 - Sash Balance 54a                 -EA$*Call
CB5117-54B-040 - Sash Balance 54b                 -EA$*Call
CB5118-54C-040 - Sash Balance 54c                 -EA$*Call
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Truth Hardware Color Chart   


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