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Truth Hardware Color Chart   

CB6000 - Channel Balances

Color Index
040 Natural Aluminum
060 Beige Painted (TRUTH NO. 24)
067 Gloss White Painted
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CB6000 - Channel Balances

CB6010-10TG-040 - Sash Balance 10tg               -EA$*Call
CB6012-12HD-040 - Sash Balance 12hd               -EA$*Call
CB6012-12R-040 - Sash Balance 12r                 -EA$*Call
CB6013-13HD-040 - Sash Balance 13hd               -EA$*Call
CB6013-13R-040 - Sash Balance 13r                 -EA$*Call
CB6014-14HD-040 - Sash Balance 14hd               -EA$*Call
CB6014-14R-040 - Sash Balance 14r                 -EA$*Call
CB6015-15DS-30#-067 - Sash Balance 15ds 30lb      -EA$*Call
CB6015-15HD-040 - Sash Balance 15hd               -EA$*Call
CB6015-15R-040 - Sash Balance 15r                 -EA$*Call
CB6016-16DS-30#-067 - Sash Balance 16ds 30lb      -EA$*Call
CB6016-16HD-040 - Sash Balance 16hd               -EA$*Call
CB6016-16R-040 - Sash Balance 16r                 -EA$*Call
CB6016-16R-060 - Sash Balance 16r                 -EA$*Call
CB6016-16XH-040 - Sash Balance 16xh               -EA$*Call
CB6017-17HD-040 - Sash Balance 17hd               -EA$*Call
CB6017-17R-040 - Sash Balance 17r                 -EA$*Call
CB6017-17TG-040 - Sash Balance 17tg               -EA$*Call
CB6017-17TGX-040 - Sash Balance 17tgx             -EA$*Call
CB6018-18HD-040 - Sash Balance 18hd               -EA$*Call
CB6018-18R-040 - Sash Balance 18r                 -EA$*Call
CB6018-18R-060 - Sash Balance 18r                 -EA$*Call
CB6018-18R-067 - Sash Balance 18r                 -EA$*Call
CB6019-19HD-040 - Sash Balance 19hd               -EA$*Call
CB6019-19R-040 - Sash Balance 19r                 -EA$*Call
CB6020-20HD-040 - Sash Balance 20hd               -EA$*Call
CB6020-20HD-060 - Sash Balance 20hd Beige         -EA$*Call
CB6020-20HD-067 - Sash Balance 20hd               -EA$*Call
CB6020-20R-040 - Sash Balance 20r                 -EA$*Call
CB6020-20R-060 - Sash Balance 20r Beige           -EA$*Call
CB6020-20R-067 - Sash Balance 20r                 -EA$*Call
CB6020-20XH-060 - Sash Balance 20xh               -EA$*Call
CB6021-21HD-040 - Sash Balance 21hd               -EA$*Call
CB6021-21HD-067 - Sash Balance 21hd               -EA$*Call
CB6021-21R-040 - Sash Balance 21r                 -EA$*Call
CB6021-21TG-040 - Sash Balance 21tg               -EA$*Call
CB6021-21TG-067 - Sash Balance 21tg White         -EA$*Call
CB6022-22HD-040 - Sash Balance 22hd Mill  -EA$*Call
CB6022-22HD-060 - Sash Balance 22hd Beige         -EA$*Call
CB6022-22HD-067 - Sash Balance 22hd               -EA$*Call
CB6022-22R-040 - Sash Balance 22r                 -EA$*Call
CB6022-22TG-067 - Sash Balance 22tg White         -EA$*Call
CB6022-22XH-040 - Sash Balance 22xh               -EA$*Call
CB6022-22XH-060 - Sash Balance 22xh               -EA$*Call
CB6023-23HD-040 - Sash Balance 23hd               -EA$*Call
CB6023-23R-040 - Sash Balance 23r                 -EA$*Call
CB6024-24DS-41#-040 - Sash Balance 24ds 41lb      -EA$*Call
CB6024-24HD-ULOCK-40 - Sash Balance 24hd          -EA$*Call
CB6024-24HD-ULOCK-60 - Sash Balance 24hd          -EA$*Call
CB6024-24HD-040 - Sash Balance 24hd               -EA$*Call
CB6024-24HD-060 - Sash Balance 24hd               -EA$*Call
CB6024-24HD-067 - Sash Balance 24hd               -EA$*Call
CB6024-24R-040 - Sash Balance 24r                 -EA$*Call
CB6024-24TG-040 - Sash Balance 24tg               -EA$*Call
CB6024-24TGX-040 - Sash Balance 24tgx             -EA$*Call
CB6024-24XH-040 - Sash Balance 24xh               -EA$*Call
CB6024-24XH-060 - Sash Balance 24xh               -EA$*Call
CB6025-25HD-040 - Sash Balance 25hd               -EA$*Call
CB6025-25HD-060 - Sash Balance 25hd               -EA$*Call
CB6025-25R-040 - Sash Balance 25r                 -EA$*Call
CB6025-25R-067 - Sash Balance 25r White           -EA$*Call
CB6026-26HD-040 - Sash Balance 26hd               -EA$*Call
CB6026-26HD-060 - Sash Balance 26hd               -EA$*Call
CB6026-26HD-067 - Sash Balance 26hd               -EA$*Call
CB6026-26R-040 - Sash Balance 26r                 -EA$*Call
CB6026-26TG-040 - Sash Balance 26tg               -EA$*Call
CB6026-26XH-040 - Sash Balance 26xh               -EA$*Call
CB6026-26XH-060 - Sash Balance 26xh               -EA$*Call
CB6027-27HD-040 - Sash Balance 27hd               -EA$*Call
CB6027-27R-040 - Sash Balance 27r                 -EA$*Call
CB6027-27R-067 - Sash Balance 27r                 -EA$*Call
CB6027-27XH-040 - Sash Balance 27xh               -EA$*Call
CB6027-27XH-060 - Sash Balance 27xh               -EA$*Call
CB6028-28HD-ULOCK-60 - Sash Balance 28hd Beige    -EA$*Call
CB6028-28HD-040 - Sash Balance 28hd               -EA$*Call
CB6028-28HD-060 - Sash Balance 28hd               -EA$*Call
CB6028-28HD-067 - Sash Balance 28hd               -EA$*Call
CB6028-28L-040 - Sash Balance 28l                 -EA$*Call
CB6028-28R-ULOCK-067 - Sash Balance 28r           -EA$*Call
CB6028-28R-040 - Sash Balance 28r                 -EA$*Call
CB6028-28R-060 - Sash Balance 28r                 -EA$*Call
CB6028-28TG-040 - Sash Balance 28tg               -EA$*Call
CB6028-28TG-060 - Sash Balance 28tg               -EA$*Call
CB6028-28TG-067 - Sash Balance 28tg White         -EA$*Call
CB6028-28XH-060 - Sash Balance 28xh               -EA$*Call
CB6029-29HD-040 - Sash Balance 29hd               -EA$*Call
CB6029-29R-040 - Sash Balance 29r                 -EA$*Call
CB6030-30HD-ULOCK-60 - Sash Balance 30hd Beige    -EA$*Call
CB6030-30HD-ULOCK-67 - Sash Balance 30hd          -EA$*Call
CB6030-30HD-040 - Sash Balance 30hd               -EA$*Call
CB6030-30HD-060 - Sash Balance 30hd               -EA$*Call
CB6030-30R-ULOCK-67 - Sash Balance 30r W/515fc    -EA$*Call
CB6030-30R-040 - Sash Balance 30r                 -EA$*Call
CB6030-30R-060 - Sash Balance 30r                 -EA$*Call
CB6030-30TG-040 - Sash Balance 30tg               -EA$*Call
CB6030-30TG-060 - Sash Balance 30tg Beige         -EA$*Call
CB6030-30TG-067 - Sash Balance 30tg               -EA$*Call
CB6030-30XH-ULOCK-60 - Sash Balance 30xh Beige    -EA$*Call
CB6030-30XH-040 - Sash Balance 30xh               -EA$*Call
CB6031-31HD-040 - Sash Balance 31hd               -EA$*Call
CB6031-31R-040 - Sash Balance 31r                 -EA$*Call
CB6032-32DS-040 - Sash Balance 32ds 40lb          -EA$*Call
CB6032-32HD-040 - Sash Balance 32hd               -EA$*Call
CB6032-32HD-060 - Sash Balance 32hd               -EA$*Call
CB6032-32HD-067 - Sash Balance 32hd               -EA$*Call
CB6032-32R-ULOCK-67 - Sash Balance 32r            -EA$*Call
CB6032-32R-040 - Sash Balance 32r                 -EA$*Call
CB6032-32R-060 - Sash Balance 32r                 -EA$*Call
CB6032-32TG-040 - Sash Balance 32tg               -EA$*Call
CB6032-32TG-060 - Sash Balance 32tg               -EA$*Call
CB6032-32TG-067 - Sash Balance 32tg               -EA$*Call
CB6032-32XH-ULOCK-67 - Sash Balance 32xh          -EA$*Call
CB6032-32XH-040 - Sash Balance 32xh               -EA$*Call
CB6032-32XH-060 - Sash Balance 32xh               -EA$*Call
CB6033-33HD-040 - Sash Balance 33hd               -EA$*Call
CB6033-33HD-067 - Sash Balance 33hd               -EA$*Call
CB6033-33R-040 - Sash Balance 33r                 -EA$*Call
CB6033-33TG-067 - Sash Balance 33tg               -EA$*Call
CB6033-33TGX-040 - Sash Balance 33tgx             -EA$*Call
CB6033-33XH-040 - Sash Balance 33xh               -EA$*Call
CB6034-34DS44-040 - Sash Balance 34ds44           -EA$*Call
CB6034-34HD-ULOCK-67 - Sash Balance 34hd          -EA$*Call
CB6034-34HD-040 - Sash Balance 34hd               -EA$*Call
CB6034-34HD-060 - Sash Balance 34hd               -EA$*Call
CB6034-34HD-067 - Sash Balance 34hd               -EA$*Call
CB6034-34R-040 - Sash Balance 34r                 -EA$*Call
CB6034-34R-067 - Sash Balance 34r White           -EA$*Call
CB6034-34TG-040 - Sash Balance 34tg               -EA$*Call
CB6034-34TG-067 - Sash Balance 34tg               -EA$*Call
CB6034-34XH-ULOCK-67 - Sash Balance 34xh          -EA$*Call
CB6034-34XH-040 - Sash Balance 34xh               -EA$*Call
CB6034-34XH-060 - Sash Balance 34xh               -EA$*Call
CB6035-35HD-040 - Sash Balance 35hd               -EA$*Call
CB6035-35R-040 - Sash Balance 35r                 -EA$*Call
CB6036-36HD-ULOCK-60 - Sash Balance 36hd          -EA$*Call
CB6036-36HD-040 - Sash Balance 36hd               -EA$*Call
CB6036-36R-040 - Sash Balance 36r                 -EA$*Call
CB6036-36TG-040 - Sash Balance 36tg               -EA$*Call
CB6036-36TG-060 - Sash Balance 36tg Beige  -EA$*Call
CB6036-36XH-040 - Sash Balance 36xh               -EA$*Call
CB6037-37HD-040 - Sash Balance 37hd               -EA$*Call
CB6037-37R-040 - Sash Balance 37r                 -EA$*Call
CB6038-38HD-040 - Sash Balance 38hd               -EA$*Call
CB6038-38R-040 - Sash Balance 38r                 -EA$*Call
CB6039-39HD-040 - Sash Balance 39hd               -EA$*Call
CB6039-39R-040 - Sash Balance 39r                 -EA$*Call
CB6040-40HD-040 - Sash Balance 40hd               -EA$*Call
CB6040-40R-040 - Sash Balance 40r                 -EA$*Call
CB6041-41HD-040 - Sash Balance 41hd               -EA$*Call
CB6041-41R-040 - Sash Balance 41r                 -EA$*Call
CB6042-42HD-040 - Sash Balance 42hd               -EA$*Call
CB6042-42HD-067 - Sash Balance 42hd White         -EA$*Call
CB6042-42R-040 - Sash Balance 42r                 -EA$*Call
CB6042-42XH-040 - Sash Balance 42xh               -EA$*Call
CB6043-43HD-040 - Sash Balance 43hd               -EA$*Call
CB6043-43HD-067 - Sash Balance 43hd White         -EA$*Call
CB6043-43R-040 - Sash Balance 43r                 -EA$*Call
CB6044-44DS58-LOWER - Sash Balance 44ds58l        -EA$*Call
CB6044-44HD-040 - Sash Balance 44hd               -EA$*Call
CB6044-44R-040 - Sash Balance 44r                 -EA$*Call
CB6046-46HD-040 - Sash Balance 46hd               -EA$*Call
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Truth Hardware Color Chart   


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