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Truth Hardware Color Chart   

CB6700 - Channel Balances

Color Index
040 Natural Aluminum
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CB6700 - Channel Balances

CB6700-1314-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-1414-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-1417DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-1514-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-1714-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-1715-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-1920DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2015-040 - Sash Balance 2015               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2022DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2023DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2025DS-040 - Sash Balance-lt&lower-2025ds  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2113-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2116-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2119DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2121DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2124DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2125DS-040 - Sash Balance 2125ds-lower     -EA$*Call
CB6700-2217DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2223DS-040 - Sash Balance-lt&lower-2223ds  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2226DS-040 - Sash Balance Li & Lower 2226ds-EA$*Call
CB6700-2316-040 - Sash Balance-2316               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2324DS-040 - Sash Balance 2324ds Lower     -EA$44.91
CB6700-2325DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2326DS-040 - Sash Balance 2326ds Lower     -EA$*Call
CB6700-2415-040 - Sash Balance-2415               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2416-040 - Sash Balance 2416               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2418-040 - Sash Balance 2418               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2419DS-040 - Sash Balance 2419ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-2424DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2425DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower/lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2428DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash/lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2513-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2514-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2515-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2519DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2522DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2523DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2524DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-2526DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2528DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-2616-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2617-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2618-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2622DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2623DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2624DS-040 - Sash Balance-lt               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2625DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower/lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2626DS-040 - Sash Balance Upper            -EA$*Call
CB6700-2630DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt-2630ds  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2715-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2719DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2722DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2723DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2725DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-2726DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower Lt 50lb    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2729DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-2730DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower           -EA$*Call
CB6700-2735DS-040 - Sash Balance 2735             -EA$*Call
CB6700-2815-040 - Sash Balance-2815               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2817-040 - Sash Balance-2817               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2818-040 - Sash Balance-2818               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2819-040 - Sash Balance 2819               -EA$*Call
CB6700-2821DS-040 - Sash Balance-2821ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-2822DS-040 - Sash Balance-2822ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-2825-040 - Sash Balance-2825ds-l/lt        -EA$*Call
CB6700-2826DS-040 - Sash Balance-2826ds-l/lt      -EA$*Call
CB6700-2917-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2918-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-2920DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2922DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2924DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-2925DS-040 - Sash Balance Upper/lt 2925ds  -EA$*Call
CB6700-2925DSL-040 - Sash Balance 2925ds Lower    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3015-040 - Sash Balance 3015               -EA$*Call
CB6700-3016-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3017-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3018-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3020DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3021DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3029DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt-60lb    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3116-040 - Sash Balance 3116               -EA$*Call
CB6700-3117-040 - Sash Balance 3117               -EA$*Call
CB6700-3118-040 - Sash Balance-3118               -EA$*Call
CB6700-3123DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3125DS-040 - Sash Balance Upper            -EA$*Call
CB6700-3126DSL-040 - Sash Balance                 -EA$*Call
CB6700-3219-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3220DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3221DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3222DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3223DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-3224DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower Sash-lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3225DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-3229DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-3314-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3316-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3317-040 - Sash Balance 3317               -EA$*Call
CB6700-3319DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3321DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3324DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-3328DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt-60lb    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3414-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3416-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3419DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3421DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3423DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-3425DS-LOWER - Sash Balance Limited Travel -EA$*Call
CB6700-3517-040 - Sash Balance 3517               -EA$*Call
CB6700-3520DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3521DS-040 - Sash Balance-3521ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-3523DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3524DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower W/lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-3525DS-040 - Lower Balance Lim Travel      -EA$*Call
CB6700-3526DS-040 - Sash Balance 3526ds-lt Lower  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3527DS-LOWER - Sash Balance 3527ds Lower   -EA$*Call
CB6700-3616-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3617-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3620DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3621DS-040 - Sash Balance-3621ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-3622DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3623DS-040 - Sash Balance-lt-lower Sash    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3626DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower W/lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-3716-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3717-040 - Sash Balance 3717               -EA$*Call
CB6700-3720DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3721DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3722DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3723DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-3725DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower W/lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-3728DS-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-3728DS-UPPER - Sash Balance-upper-lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-3816-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3823DS-LOWER - Sash Balance Lower-lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-3826DS-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-3828DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-3920DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3922DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-3923DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-3924DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-3927DS-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower W/lt     -EA$*Call
CB6700-3928DS-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4019DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4021DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4022DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4119DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-4123DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4124DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-4216-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4221DS-040 - Sash Balance 4221ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-4224DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-4226DS-040 - Sash Balance 4226dsl          -EA$*Call
CB6700-4227DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower Sash/lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4228DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt-60lb    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4316-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4317-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4318-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4319DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4320DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4321DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4323DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-4325DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-4326-040 - Channel Balance/lim Travel      -EA$*Call
CB6700-4328DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4423DS-LOWER - Sash Balance-lower-lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-4423DS-UPPER - Sash Balance-upper-lt       -EA$*Call
CB6700-4425DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-4519DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4520DS-040 - Sash Balance 4520ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-4522DS-040 - Sash Balance-4522ds           -EA$*Call
CB6700-4524DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4525DS/L-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash-lt  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4528DS-040 - Sash Balance-lt-lower Sash    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4615-040 - Sash Balance                    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4623DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower-lt         -EA$*Call
CB6700-4624DS/L-040 - Sash Balance                -EA$*Call
CB6700-4720DS-040 - Sash Balance-4720ds40lb       -EA$*Call
CB6700-4724DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-4728DS62#-040 - Sash Balance-lower W/lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-4825DS-LOWER - Sash Balance Lt Lower       -EA$*Call
CB6700-4828DS-040 - Sash Balance Limited Travel   -EA$*Call
CB6700-4920DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-4922DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-5019DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-5022DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-5025DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower Lim Travel -EA$*Call
CB6700-5120DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-5122DS-040 - Sash Balance                  -EA$*Call
CB6700-5123DS-040 - Sash Balance-lt-lower Sash    -EA$*Call
CB6700-5126DS-040 - Sash Balance-lt-lower Sash    -EA$*Call
CB6700-5128DS-040 - Sash Balance Lt-lower Sash    -EA$*Call
CB6700-5224DS-040 - Sash Balance Lt-lower Sash    -EA$*Call
CB6700-5228DS-UPPER - Sash Balance Upper          -EA$*Call
CB6700-5318-040 - Sash Balance-5318               -EA$*Call
CB6700-5320DS-040 - Sah Balance                   -EA$*Call
CB6700-5324DS-040 - Sash Balance-lower Sash Lt    -EA$*Call
CB6700-5328DS-040 - Sash Balance Lower            -EA$*Call
CB6700-5428DS-040 - Sash Balance-60lb-lower Lt    -EA$*Call
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