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Truth Hardware Color Chart   

Insect Screen

Color Index
003 Bright Polished Brass
040 Natural Aluminum
068 Fiberglass
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Insect Screen

-040 Aluminum/ -068 Fiberglass
SWBV96-BK-50'-068 - Bettervue 96"x50'black Screen -RL$178.23
SWNOSEE36-BLACK - No-see-um 36"x100'20x20 Mesh    -RL$227.06
SW18-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 18"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$90.00
SW18-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 18"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$49.46
SW18-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 18"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$85.79
SW20-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 20"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$100.00
SW20-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 20"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$54.97
SW20-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 20"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$95.32
SW20-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 20"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$57.62
SW24-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 24"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$119.99
SW24-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 24"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$65.94
SW24-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 24"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$119.36
SW24-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 24"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$119.99
SW24-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 24"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$69.13
SW26-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 26"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$129.97
SW26-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 26"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$71.45
SW26-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 26"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$123.94
SW26-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 26"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$129.97
SW28-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 28"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$139.98
SW28-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 28"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$76.92
SW28-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 28"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$133.45
SW28-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 28"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$139.98
SW28-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 28"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$80.65
SW30-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 30"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$149.98
SW30-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 30"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$82.43
SW30-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 30"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$142.99
SW30-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 30"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$149.98
SW30-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 30"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$86.41
SW32-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 32"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$160.00
SW32-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 32"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$87.94
SW32-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 32"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$152.51
SW32-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 32"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$160.00
SW32-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 32"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$92.17
SW34-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 34"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$169.98
SW34-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 34"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$93.41
SW34-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 34"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$162.06
SW34-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 34"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$169.98
SW34-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 34"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$97.92
SW36-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 36"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$179.99
SW36-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 36"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$98.91
SW36-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 36"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$171.58
SW36-BRITEBRONZE-003 - Screen Wire 36"x100'18x14 Mesh-BX$*Call
SW36-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 36"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$179.99
SW36-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 36"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$103.70
SW42-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 42"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$210.00
SW42-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 42"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$115.41
SW42-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 42"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$200.19
SW42-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 42"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$210.00
SW42-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 42"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$120.97
SW48-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 48"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$239.97
SW48-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 48"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$131.89
SW48-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 48"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$228.90
SW48-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 48"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$239.97
SW48-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 48"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$138.25
SW60-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 60"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$*Call
SW60-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 60"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$164.86
SW60-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 60"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$309.83
SW60-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 60"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$*Call
SW60-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 60"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$172.82
SW72-BLACK-040 - Screen Wire 72"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$*Call
SW72-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 72"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$197.83
SW72-BRITE-040 - Screen Wire 72"x100'18x16 Mesh   -BX$*Call
SW72-CHARCOAL-040 - Screen Wire 72"x100'18x16 Mesh-BX$*Call
SW72-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 72"x100'18x16 Mesh    -RL$207.32
SW84-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire 84"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$230.81
SW84-GRAY-068 - Screen Wire 84"x100'18x16mesh     -RL$241.95
SW96-BLACK-068 - Screen Wire-96"x100'18x16 Mesh   -RL$263.78
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Truth Hardware Color Chart   


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