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Truth Hardware Color Chart   

03070 - Hinge Assemblies & Vent Arms

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050 Steel (May Be Plated)
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03070 - Hinge Assemblies & Vent Arms

03070-12-L-050 - Top&bot Hinge Lh 12"w Glass      -ST$57.27
03070-12-R-050 - Top&bot Hinge Rh 12"w Glass      -ST$57.27
03070-16-L-050 - Top&bot Hinge Lh 16"w Glass      -ST$*Call
03070-16-R-050 - Top&bot Hinge Rh 16"w Glass      -ST$71.00
03070-20-L-050 - Top&bot Hinge Lh 20"w Glass      -ST$64.94
03070-20-R-050 - Top&bot Hinge Rh 20"w Glass      -ST$64.94
03070-24-L-050 - Top&bot Hinge Lh 24"w Glass      -ST$71.00
03070-24-R-050 - Top&bot Hinge Rh 24"w Glass      -ST$71.00
03070-28-L-050 - Top&bot Hinge Lh 28"w Glass      -ST$*Call
03070-28-R-050 - Top&bot Hinge Rh 28"w Glass      -ST$*Call
03070-30-L-050 - Top&bot Hinge Lh 30"w Glass      -ST$72.45
03070-30-R-050 - Top&bot Hinge Rh 30"w Glass      -ST$72.45
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Truth Hardware Color Chart   


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